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2014 Inductees

2014 was the Inaugural Year for the Louisiana Agriculture Hall of Distinction.

These three men were the first inductees into the Hall, and we believe they set a standard of excellence.


Dennis Aucoin Sr.

Dennis Aucoin, Sr. is a familiar and trusted person in Louisiana forestry.  His expertise and logging techniques and resource management has made him a true leader in the industry.

Dennis is a four-time winner of the Outstanding Logger of the Year award, and a two-time recipient of the Timber Harvesting Excellence Award from the American Interstate Insurance Co.  He's also in the Louisiana Loggers Hall of Fame.


Along with this industry service, Dennis is a  recognized community leader, having served in roles on numerous local, state and national levels.

Clarence Berken

Clarence Berken is a true leader among the Rice Growers in Louisiana as well as the state's farming community overall.  In addition to being named Rice Farmer of the Year in 2013, he was selected as President of the Louisiana Rice Council, where he developed the "Grown in the USA" logo, now used across America.


Clarence has also served two terms as President of the Louisiana Rice Growers Association. He has served as a member of the Louisiana Rice Research Board and as a member of the the state Soybean Association Board of Directors.  He's been honored as the DuPont ASA Young Leader from Louisiana.

Ellis Martin

Ellis S. Martin is remembered as one of the most influential members of the Louisiana forestry community.  Mr. Ellis, as he was affectionately known, began his career at the age of 19, when he was named facility manager of Martin Timber Co.  Among his many contributions was his role in transferring all timber production during World War II for the manufacturing of Higgins boats, which transported US Troops ashore during the D-Day invasion in France.


In 1974, Mr. Ellis became President of the Roy O. Martin Lumber Company.  He oversaw the construction of five new timber plants and a plywood-manufacturing facility that is now the

largest in North America.


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